Webasto Hepa Filtration System

Webasto is now offering a HEPA air filtration systems for rapid, simple, and compact retrofitting to vehicle interiors like ambulances, buses and other special vehicles. The HEPA H14 filter significantly reduces the risk of infection by removing 99.995% of airborne infectious agents and contaminants.

The lightweight cylinder housing is made of a robust metal; and enclosed is a medical-grade filter that can be replaced with no risk of contamination. The high-efficiency fan is used to continuously exchange the air.

Two filter variants are available in lengths capable of passing 176 cfm and 353 cfm for different sized vehicle interiors. Several filters can be combined to decontaminate larger spaces, and can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position.

Available Fall 2020. To learn more, please visit: http://www.webastohepafilter.com/

HEPA Filter install