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5 Button Oval

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General Information

General   This switch is used in quick fit applications mounted in the bezel or Webasto motor cover housings. You can softwrap the bezel but the switch stays in the same location. 



This switch uses Soft-Touch technology by tapping any of the buttons the sunroof will open to the select position. It also features auto close when the ignition is turned off the roof will automatically close. Just tap any of the buttons to override auto close.

Reprogram Sequence

Reprogram Sequence 


Open the sunroof to the full open position using the left arrow . Release the left arrow  when the glass is in the full open position.

Initiate Electronic Reprogramming sequence:

Press and hold the left arrow  for 10 seconds. The glass panel should jump back a 1/8" of an inch making an audible click sound. Release the left arrow .

Press and hold the right arrow  until the glass panel reaches a full closed position.

The S.C.U should recognize the 2 timing points "Full Open" and "Full Close". The Reprogramming sequence is complete.

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